English Summer Camp "No Sweat!"
Language, Culture, Fun
Welcome to English Scouts

Hi! My name is Arina and I am the Scoutmaster of our English Camp. In the next three months I'll guide you on the path of English discovery. In our camp we don't have annoying morning exercise and early curfew. "No sweat" offers you a series of online-lessons and personal feedback on every stage of the course.
Tired of summer heat? We have a refreshing solution
3 months to become an intermadiate English scout
15-17 years 
12 weeks 
6 hours per week
certificate of completion
  • expand your knowledge of grammar and lexis of B1 level on the CEFR scale.
  • Practice communicative skills discussing engaging topics with your peers
  • develop your ability to understand printed texts and fluent speech
  • play final jeopardy game with your friends
  • collect as many scout badges as possible to win the prize!

Contact us:
+7 928 60 60 454
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